Apr 10, 2015




我才开始发觉 原来我需要开始学习当个大人了

当个大人 我不能说不想上班就放假
当个大人 我不能什么事都没有交代
当个大人 我不能想把钱花光就花光
当个大人 我不能整天赖在床上休息
当个大人 我不能不顾一切地乱说话
当个大人 我不能很多很多……


原来 只是简简单单的过日子

Jan 10, 2015

I'm here again

Finally,I remember to do some update here 
I have my one month sem break in between this December and January 
The same , I celebrate my Christmas and New Year with my love one here at KB
The reason I wanna come over is to accompany my bofie 
Coming back home seeing me waiting is such a great warm welcoming and the best reason to leave the office on time
Definitely true :>
In this short stay here, I learned 
Learned to wake up early and prepare lunch box
It's so tough to get up early before 6am for cooking :((((
But I did it for few morning at least

The happiest thing is the boyfie reach home sharp or before 5pm everyday
We do cooking together afterward or chase HK dramas till late night (11pm consider as late bcz he needs to reach office at 7pm everyday
Days turn bright when holidays or weekend come upon us
He will brings me to anywheres for nice foods around the town
Japanese cuisine,Indian cuisine,Italian cuisine,western food
I love to eat especially with nice food nice price nice environment of choices
The best thing living here are those attractive foods with reasonable price 
If to compare with KL, the ingredient and price are totally having big gap differences

The special dates I been through was last movie session in a 6 stars hotel
Never over price ,this actually surprised me 
Entertainment is much more costly here after converting currency but it doesn't harm if you are working here

Concluded for my 21 days stay deep in heart saying I'm satisfy.After a year leaving,things didn't change much.Yet,returning didn't really in my plan anymore for these coming years.
Looking forward to see you again my dearest boyfie,Love You deep deep(hug)

Oct 20, 2014

throw back

From our first date in pavilion

 our first anniversary and it is the only anniversary we celebrated together

Throw back to the days when we were still young
They are memories that we will probably forget in the future
Camera is just too important for me who have such short memory
Looking back,things changed
Our love too
It grows and mutates
When love isn't love anymore

We mean it

Oct 9, 2014

Athena Garden Villa and Spa in Seminyak Bali

Athena Garden Villa and Spa
Jl. Gunung Athena II No.3
Padang Sumbu Denpasar Barat
Bali, Indonesia
62 361 738756

Parking area

walking path to our villa
Our villa has 2 room,with a kitchen and small living room
of coz,we have our own private swimming pool too

Our Bali trip has 4 people in total,my bf and I stay upstairs while my mum n aunt stay downstairs
This is my room number 332~

upstairs bathtub
downstairs room

downstairs toilet
and bathtub
We do fully utilize the facility

Our breakfast
The workers will send them to us every morning upon the time we request

They provide Spa and wedding package too
If u want to have a special dinner,they do offer a pirate dinner on a ship with USD50 per pax
You are most welcome to phone them